Wedding Photographer, Madison WI

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Wedding Photographer, Madison WI

Christopher + Erica = Love

Dowtown Madison, sailboats, large crowds at the Union, and radiating love…the perfect recipe for unique and fun photos and of course, a beautiful and FUN wedding!

Congratulations you two! :)

Just a silly one from a request by the bride. :)

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christine windsor
[ 23/10/2012 12:20 am ]

I love these pics of Erica and Christopher they are amazing!! I wasn’t able to be at the wedding so its so great to feel a part of it with these pics!!

Pamela Boyse
[ 23/10/2012 03:06 am ]

Lovely photographs that captured the “love” between you both. I love how the bouquet featured your mom and Erica, your Dad. The photograph of your mom was with Stephen and I at the Orange Show around 1972-73..She was about 25-26 yrs old.

The homage you paid was priceless and so loving.
Best Wishes Always,
Aunt Pam and Uncle Tommy