Third Time is a Charm!

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Third Time is a Charm!

After two tries of setting up an appointment, Lara getting her boys dressed for photos, and then getting rained out both times. We were finally able to photograph her kids on the third try. I guess the third time really is the charm!

Lara and I met a couple of years ago at storytime at Barnes and Nobles. Her oldest son, Charlie decided he would be my youngest daughters first kiss! So while playing with trains together, Charlie stole a kiss from Elora.

Now, I had the opportunity to photograph the little romeo. It will be a great little memory in her photo album.

Charlie and Caleb were a lot of fun to run around with at the Zoo. Charlie actually laughs hysterically on command. His parents have definitely taught him well when it comes to taking photos. Little Caleb took some time to warm up but after rolling around in the mud and climbing rocks, he sure has a sweet smile and beautiful dark eyes. Plus, there really is no other way to photograph a two-year-old unless they are covered in some sort of dirt. Thank you Lara for letting me photograph your sons and for rescheduling three times. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Charlie is a Pro at laughing…



Look at these eyes…LOVE em!



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