Rock Star Birthday Party! Sun Prairie, WI

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Rock Star Birthday Party! Sun Prairie, WI

We are the dealers

We’ll give you everything you need

Hail hail to the good times

Cos rock has got the right of way

We ain’t no legends, ain’t no cause

We’re just livin for today.

~For those about to Rock, AC/DC

So as all of you know, simply put…I am not, by any means, a blogger. No offense to those who do blog but I figure my photos say it all. You do not need to listen to me talk endlessly about my life, as important as I may think my life is, I am sure you have better things to do than read about how I drank a Diet Pepsi or attempted to be “Super Mom” for the day.

However, when it comes to my kids…and such a glorious event as the day of their birth! Well, now THAT calls for a blog post. :)

Elora is our second daughter. When I was pregnant with our first, I kept saying how all I wanted was a “tom-boy.” So I was bound and determined to make sure the dreadful color pink never, and I mean never, crossed my first born’s sight. Her room was filled with greens, yellows, and blue, and well…”Awww…what a cute baby! What is HIS name?” was a norm in Zoey’s baby years. I made sure our oldest was surrounded by wooden blocks, trucks, trains, and good ol’ Thomas the Train DVD’s were stacked plenty in our collection.

Little did I know…the harder you try to avoid your child becoming something, the more likely they are to become that. So our oldest daughter, grew to live in Snow White and Cinderella dresses, tiaras were an everyday hair accessory, and plie’s-releves are now part of our language.

Then came our second daughter, Miss Elora. I am sure all of you parents can relate, by the time the second one comes, you have become ummmm….lets just say “laid back.” ;) I basically gave up, if the only clean thing in the closet was a pink tutu with bright fuschia flowers on it, that was her outfit for the day. When movie time came along, Angelina Ballerina? Sure! Fancy Nancy? Let’s Do it! Barbie Fairytopia? EVEN BETTER! So I think you all get the point. And sure enough…our Miss Elora loves karate, gymnastics, trains are her favorite, she rarely cries, and when AC/DC, Nirvana, or the song Crazy Train comes on she yells “Turn it up!” So here is to my newly six-year-old who has brought more laughs, surprises, and just simple-carefree moments into our lives!

Happy 6th Birthday to my Rock Star! 

Elora’s breakfast in bed…A six-year-old’s dream!

Daddy made her a scavenger hunt to find her presents.
Let the party begin!
The cake I made for our Rock Star!

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