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Being a photographer is one of the most fulfilling jobs I could have next to being a Mom. In the last couple of months though, I have questioned this career. My six-month old computer crashed and when my computer goes down, every single one of my photos get put on hold. Then, not only do the photos get put on hold but my poor clients have to wait as well. I just kept seeing more and more photos continue to pile up, as did my blood pressure. :)

So after dealing with all of the stress that comes from technology and having a job that relies solely on it. I finally got started on editing Elliot and Brooke’s wedding photos from back in June. While shuffling through their photos, they made me realize why I do this job and why I LOVE it oh so much!!! The moments between Elliot and Brooke were breath taking, as was their wedding/ceremony at The Hilltop in Spring Green. (Personal note: If I could pick a perfect place to get married, it would be at The Hilltop).

It was the first Jewish wedding I have photographed and let me just say, it was A W E S O M E! :) The timeless traditions were so loving, such as the hakafot; where the bride circles her groom in way of demonstrating how central the groom is to her thoughts and to her very being. A tradition I believe every wedding ceremony should include.

Thank you Elliot and Brooke for your patience with my computer woes. :)

Mazel tov!



Brooke’s Dads first look at her. :)

I found this little boy, hiding away from everyone in his own world. It was SO cute!

Elliot seeing his bride for the first time.


I fell in love with this tree!

Trust me, this is NOT easy in a wedding dress.


First Dance!

Let’s play a different version of “Where’s Waldo?” Lets play “Where is the crying girl?”



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